Working with Functional Testing

Working with test results can make the process of getting to the root cause of any symptoms or issues a lot quicker and more efficient. 

I offer a vast range of Functional Tests including stool and microbiome tests, DUTCH hormone panel, Lifecode GX DNA, allergy and intolerance, heavy metals, infections, nutrient profiles, and many more.

I can also work closely with your GP, consultants and any other practitioners you are working with to give you holistic, integrated support.

**Please note functional testing comes at an additional cost.

Step 1

I get to know YOU, your health history, your goals and lifestyle.

Step 2

In-depth functional testing and complex health analysis to unveil the true cause of your symptoms.

Step 3

Using the information we have gathered, I create a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan for you.

Interested in working with me?