Nourish Your Cycle


Reclaim freedom in your body, vibrancy in your health and cultivate balance in your energy and menstrual cycle

It's time for women to reclaim freedom in their bodies, vibrancy in their health and connection to their true selves

Hey beautiful,

You know you want to be able to rely on your health, and you dream of feeling energised and connected to your body, with a sense of balance and ease within your menstrual cycle. Imagine waking up every day feeling strong, confident and alive.  

I show my clients how to nourish themselves into vibrant health, trust their bodies, and regulate their menstrual cycles for a more empowered and joyful life.

If you’ve found your way here, it’s likely that you’re ready to optimise your menstrual cycle, heal your hormones for good, and experience more vitality. I’m here to show you how, in a way that honours you, your health and your lifestyle.


Do any of the following describe your current reality?

  • You've had enough of dragging yourself out of bed, and you crave more reliable energy in your body and your life
  • You feel disconnected from your body and menstrual cycle a lot of the time
  • You get overwhelmed by chasing all the different approaches out there, but you’ve tried many things but are losing faith
  • The idea of cooking feels like a chore, and you lack joy and creativity in the kitchen
  •   You’re tired of guessing and waiting for your period to arrive (or you’re not getting a period at all)
  • You experience low moods, dysregulated energy, bloating and cramping
  • Maybe you’re fine getting started, but you find it difficult to stay on track, only to end up feeling deflated, overwhelmed and exhausted

If so, then what you’re about to read could be the start of the transformation to your health for good.


Although common, it is not normal to experience PMS symptoms and dysregulated energy and cycles. 

If you value a deep connection to your inner bodily wisdom, feeling more alive and the experience of a beautiful life balance, then Nourish Your Cycle is for you.

I’m offering a one-of-a-kind programme that can help you to move forward into a space of energy, regulation, and deep trust within your body. Imagine…

Taking the power back into your own hands and feeling in control of your health 

Experience ease and harmony in your entire menstrual cycle

Consistently showing up for your health and well-being with ease

Being at peace with food, your body and your health

Having the knowledge to nourish your body intentionally,
through whatever comes up in your day-to-day

Trusting yourself and living life expansively in your home and lifestyle,
professionally and in your relationships


Nourish Your Cycle

A powerful space for women to come to optimise their health through menstrual cycle awareness, empowering science, compassionate nutrition and deep support.

NOURISH YOUR CYCLE is a 5-month holistic programme where women come to reclaim freedom in their bodies, vibrancy in their health and cultivate balance in their energy and menstrual cycle.


This will become your lifetime guide to freedom in your body and ease in your menstrual cycle, so that you can be your most vibrant self, and potentially change the way you live, feel and connect with yourself forever.


This programme includes empowering education on hormone health, all the bodily systems that come into play with your hormones, and the specific nutrition to support YOU in each phase of your cycle. We’ll cover lifestyle practices and systems that nourish you from the root, and support long-lasting positive change.




You will walk away from Nourish Your Cycle with…

 Reliability of your energy, your body and your health
, so that you can live life to the full without holding back from your dreams

 Balanced and stable mental well-being, giving you the headspace and energy to show up in your work, relationships and life with grace and presence

✓ A deep understanding and appreciation of your body and your entire menstrual cycle

✓ The awareness of the specific nutrition your body and mind may be needing, whatever comes up for you physically or emotionally 

✓ A healthy, loving, compassionate and communicative relationship with your body and mind, one of peace and tranquillity so you can finally experience lightness in your body, freedom in your mind and joy in your experience of yourself

✓ Improved resilience to the stresses of life

✓ PMS-free cycles and a new reality of ease and fluidity to live through

✓ Regulated, harmonious menstrual cycles, that you can trust and honour with compassion, presence and awe

✓ Supportive systems and structures to take forward, within your unique lifestyle and kitchen to support your health goals sustainably and consistently

✓ The support of your own personal nutritional therapist, one-to-one high-level health coaching and nutritional therapy to make sure you stay focused, to honour your experience and step out of the programme with a restored health

✓ A powerful community of like-minded, supportive women, journeying with you, holding you up, and cheering you on


The world needs more women owning their health and stepping into their most vibrant selves. 

The world needs more of the vibrant YOU


What you will receive when you join us:

1:1 Monthly Nutritional Consultations

To kick off the programme and our journey together, we will dive into a 90-minute private consultation to uncover your entire health history and how your bodily systems are working. 

We then meet again for 4 x monthly 45-minute private consultations.

Advanced Hormonal Testing

A physical bespoke and unique hormonal test delivered to your home, with personalised data analysis of the report by myself, helping to inform your tailored naturopathic plans. This is the test your doctor didn’t offer… to accurately assess your hormonal health, giving us in-depth data to work with.

Bespoke Naturopathic Plans

From our consultations and advanced hormonal testing, I create a bespoke nutritional plan for you complete with holistic nutritional, lifestyle & supplement support. As well as this we get really practical by creating tools and structures that will support you to move forwards with health goals – such as bespoke meal plans and shopping lists that work for your unique needs and lifestyle.

In-Depth Masterclasses

Learn the incredible science behind your hormones and your menstrual cycle, so that you can be empowered to make choices that support your body so that you can feel your most vibrant self, from the inside out.

There are over 20 masterclasses over 10 modules covering a wide range of topics including digestive health, sleep, fertility and so much more, all contributing to your hormonal health and overall vitality.

Fortnightly Group Calls

Come to live sessions every fortnight to answer any questions, receive live hot-seat coaching, and feel the support and energy of this container as you take on the most important work of your life.

Access to Me in Between Sessions in Our Supportive Community

Your own 1:1 private nutritional support in between calls via Slack (Monday to Friday), to ensure you are maximising your results throughout the programme.

1 Month of Email Support Following the Programme

Following the programme, you get an additional 1 month of email support with me, to be absolutely sure you integrate all of the learning, and you have everything you need to step into your life with ease and balance. 

Module Workbooks

Supportive resources and workbooks for you to dive deep into your health and wellbeing alongside the coaching and masterclasses.

It is possible to experience deep joy, ease and freedom in your body, and in all phases of your menstrual cycle



Regular Investment: £2000

Quick-start Bonus Price: £1500


Pay in Full




Payment Plan




Payment Plan




"Working with Clementine was like the unveiling of something so magical and life-changing. I never knew that this was all connected to my menstrual cycle. That key, that wisdom, that knowing has been everything to me."

I was able to bridge the gap, start tracking my cycle, and give my body what it needed at the aligned time of my cycle. And non of these simple but transformative tools and guidance Clementine gave me was done from a place of obligation like all of these daily things we ‘have to’ do, but from a place of pure trust and excitement. I knew in my body that this was the key, to the dense, heavy energy I kept meeting every month

I’d never put the pieces together, and those first steps, tracking my cycle along with the experienced guidance around nutrition and lifestyle awareness Clementine offered - it changed everything.  

I now have a deeper understanding of my body, and compassionate awareness of my own unique cycle and how to be in tune with it and work with it so I get to show up daily feeling how I choose. Not dedicated to what just shows up!

I’m forever grateful to have been opening up to these ways of living and being in relationship with my body and cannot wait to be able to pass this wisdom on to my daughter.

Karuna C.

The Journey:

1. Release

Your forever guide to clear and recode dated societal and cultural beliefs around women’s bodies and the menstrual cycle. Here we will let go of limiting beliefs using tools, healing practices and reflection in order to make space for the new way of living as a connected woman. Let go of old patterns of dieting and unsupportive relationships with food to open space for the new.

This is a deeply important part of our journey, as we work to heal eating habits that have held us back in the past, and heal our relationship with our bodies and the expectations we have of them. 

2. Empower

In this powerful step, you will learn about the four phases of the menstrual cycle and the female hormonal system so that you can lead your vibrant new lifestyle empowered with clear and foundational knowledge.

Receive modern education on the mechanisms within the menstrual cycle that is crucial for women to take back their power and truly live in alignment with their inner wisdom.

3. Nourish

Discover the science of nutrition in support of your hormonal health. Learn how to use intentional nutrition to support the different phases of your cycle to experience ease, lightness and resilience, aligned with your menstrual cycle.

4. Create

Here we will go through how to bridge the gap between this empowering knowledge and the food on your plate. Inspiring recipes will bring you back to joy, creativity and compassion in the kitchen. Reignite the joy and creativity in the kitchen that can sometimes get lost in the mundane of ‘trying to be healthy’, with joyful and nutritious recipes.

5. Root

Together we will reconnect back to nature and start to witness the cycles of nature. Experiment with practical rituals to bring into your daily life to deepen your connection with your body, nervous system and menstrual cycle, bringing you back to harmony and balance.

6. Power

Learn how to truly uplevel your relationship with your body and cycle, using what we’ve learnt about the menstrual cycle and inner wisdom as a powerful tool to guide our day-to-day life with intention, compassion and ease. The power we have embodied so far in the programme really comes into light and here we witness it showing up in our lives with power and vibrancy. We delve into creating systems and structures within your home and lifestyle to support the positive changes you make sustainably.

7. Flow

Activate the new way of flowing through your cycle using our learnings of nutrition, science and holistic practices, bringing it into our present and future lives. Embody the deep connection to your new awareness and to your inner cycle wisdom.


Your nutritional therapist, Clementine.


Hello, I'm Clementine, a naturopathic nutrition coach here to guide young women to connect to their bodies, embody symptom-free menstrual cycles and discover the freedom in vibrant health.

Cyclical living and rooting to nature is a passion that I weave into my teachings, coupled with my training in naturopathic nutrition, and my experience in supporting young women to find compassion and celebration for their bodies and health. 

I’ve been there too. Experiencing a myriad of unwanted menstrual symptoms, low self-confidence, and a complete disconnection from my body. Now, I’m sharing with YOU the tools, knowledge and skills to flip your reality and discover true transformation, freedom and vibrancy in your menstrual cycle and overall health. 

Let’s work together and activate your most magical, vibrant health – from the inside out.

Regular Investment: £2000

Quick-Start Bonus Price:

1 Payment in Full £1500
2 Monthly Payments of £750
5 Monthly Payments of £300

It’s time to recognise the power that you hold when you choose yourself and prioritise you health.

Imagine if...

Beautiful woman, you weren't put here on this Earth searching for the answers that already lie within you.

You are here to thrive in mind, body and soul. To live with vibrant energy.

Darling, it's time. Let's work together and activate your most magical, vibrant health - from the inside out.

If you're curious to learn more, and have a chat about if Nourish Your Cycle is the right fit for you, let's chat...


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