Practice Terms & Conditions

What We Provide

We (Goodness Clementine Nutrition) provides one-to-one nutritional therapy consultancy services and group sessions to clients to improve their health through diet and lifestyle interventions. We focus on preventative healthcare, the optimisation of physical and mental health and chronic health conditions.
Through consultations, dietary and lifestyle analysis and biochemical testing, we aim to understand the underlying causes of your health issues which we will seek to address through personalised dietary therapy, nutraceutical prescription (supplements) and lifestyle advice. We pull on various practices during consultations including nutritional therapy, biomedicine, naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda and the root cause protocol (RCP).

Functional Tests & Supplements

During your consultation or prior to your consultation we may recommend private functional testing (outside of that offered by the GP), using biological samples and tests to help to determine a possible cause for your symptoms. The cost for this is not included in our pricing and will be an additional charge. The tests are typically ordered via us and charged at the standard RRP via invoice to the client on immediate payment terms. Testing can take up to two working weeks to complete once the sample has been sent off and will not be ordered until the payment for the given test has been completed. Due to the nature of the item, once a test has been ordered, it cannot be refunded. Although we typically run functional testing prior to the initial consultation, you are not obligated to take any test if you do not wish to.

In addition to diet and lifestyle recommendations, we may recommend supplements (nutraceuticals) based on your specific case. The cost for any supplements is not included in the consultation pricing. These may be ordered by us or you will be directed to the appropriate website or location for purchase. Any relevant discount codes if applicable will be provided. A small amount of commission is taken by us in any supplements purchased with the discount – this charge helps to cover the time taken to research the supplement and check for any contraindications or interactions relevant to the individual. Please note that purchasing and taking supplements is optional and will not always be recommended.


We operate in-person as well as online consultation services via Zoom, this will be agreed in advance or your appointment. If you book an online consultation it is your responsibility to have a working internet connection. Your Zoom link for the consultation will be sent on confirmation of the booking. If the internet connection fails for any reason, the rest of the consultation will be carried out via the telephone. Please expect a response time on emails of up to 48 hours, although we will endeavour to get back to you sooner. The only reason for more extended delays in response time would be to do with annual leave or extenuating circumstances. Recording consultations using any form of electronic media is not permitted for either party without the written permission by both the practitioner and you the client.

Support Structure Between Consultations

We provide email support and sometimes WhatsApp support between consultations. To benefit from support between consultations, you must have booked (and paid for) your next follow-up consultation. In exceptional circumstances we will offer email support to clients who have not booked another appointment, at our discretion. Email and WhatsApp support is predominantly for small questions and queries. Anything that involves a long list of questions or sharing a significant amount of personal information should be reserved for consultations. Email responses that require us to do additional or extended research, or require us to refer to your client notes may incur additional fees to cover the time spent, this will be made clear in advance and is at our discretion. Please expect a response time on emails of up to 48 hours. The only reason for more extended delays in response time would be to do with annual leave or extenuating circumstances.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to provide quality care to all clients. When you book an appointment, you are holding a space in our calendar that is no longer available to other clients. In order to be respectful and fair to others, please cancel as soon as you know you cannot make your appointment. 

Fees are agreed and paid at least 48 hours in advance of all appointments. Payments can be made via the payment link provided by the RNTP. 

Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice and ‘no shows’ will be charged in full.

In the case of advance payments for services, you have the right to cancel this Agreement within 14 days of the purchase without penalty (‘Cooling-off Period’). If you wish to terminate the agreement within the 14-day ‘Cooling-off Period’, you must do so in writing to [email protected]. The RNTP will refund any monies paid prior to cancelling this agreement. The refund payment will be made within 14 days of cancellation. The 14 day ‘Cooling-off Period’ will terminate the start date of the agreed programme.

If you have any queries regarding payment, please contact [email protected]

Updated February 2023